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JR-Tech, Inc.

As an IT services leader in the Inland Empire, JR-Tech is different from other IT providers through our relentless focus on our clients.  From our fast and friendly service,  to building and maintaining the most complex IT systems, we keep our clients ahead of their competition by constantly providing exactly what is needed to keep their IT operations running smooth.  Keeping pace with the rapidly changing advances in technology, JR-Tech provides our clients an un-fair competitive advantage through seamless planning and execution of the most current IT hardware and software strategies to keep our clients up and running at peak performance.

Keeping our clients strong with nearly flawless IT execution, with little to no down time, for Server Migrations, Systems Management, and Security, JR-Tech uses advanced planning and Systems Monitoring to deploy the most intricate systems to maximize effective and efficient use of IT resources.

Let JR-Tech show you how we can help you be stronger and more efficient with your IT systems.  Simply fill out the request for our comprehensive, FREE, Network Audit and Problem Prevention Report.  This deep dive into your existing system will reveal Security Loopholes, Network Conflicts and other issues that have the potential to crash your IT systems and hurt your business.  This $750 report can only be offered FREE for a limited time, so sign up today!



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At JR-Tech we know migrations. Relocating a data center, migrating IT systems and applications, or just moving the data to new hardware presents risks to any organization. Even IT organizations find Data Center Migration quite challenging due to being understaffed, lack of time and resources, or other business constraints. Whether you hand us the key to execute your successful migration, or let your IT staff partner with us to help make your transition as smooth as possible, we are here to help. Our Migration Engineers will strategically plan, manage, and execute the entire process from start to finish!

Your IT network is at the core of your IT infrastructure. Nearly every system relies on your network backbone to communicate. As your computer systems have increased in speed over the years, has your network followed pace? Many businesses are surprised to learn that their network still operates on technology developed in 1995 (100Mb/s). These slow communication speeds cause bottlenecks in the data transmission and create an unreliable network. Let JR-Tech evaluate your network and discover where your network congestion occurs. We can plan out a network migration path that includes all the upgraded hardware (NICs, switches, and routers) needed to keep up with your network demands. Often an organization can upgrade to a gigabit (1000Mb/s or 1Gb/s) network without re-cabling the entire facility. Interested in 10Gb/s, 100Gb/s, and fiber networks – JR-Tech has network solutions for the fastest speeds needed today.

Intraforest / Interforest Active Directory Migrations, domain restructures, mergers, and trusts are just a few domain migration services we offer. Businesses change, and their technology should be able to change with them. Many organizations have unique requirements and compliances to adhere to. JR-Tech will ensure all your technology requirements are met now and in the future. We are experienced with large forests down to small domains, and in all directory services. Have a legacy system, we can migrate that too! JR-Tech will allow your network to provide centralized collaboration and management to all its IT systems.